Learn to Balance Spirituality and Material Abundance with this powerful energetic tools!

Here is what you will learn:
Master Stephen Co is the co-author of “The Power of Prana” & “Your Hands Can Heal You”. He’s a leading expert in the area of meditation and eastern energetic practices for improving health and well-being. He has taught throughout the US, Asia and Europe. He’s also conducted workshops at organizations like Kaiser Permanente Hospital, Motorola, Sears, Microsoft, Paypal, the US Army and others.

Learn and Practice these energetic tips that will help you create more prosperity and abundance in your life!

  • Experience a Powerful Meditation to Attract Abundance
  • Learn about Prosperity Consciousness and how to increase it!
  • Harness Good Karma to improve your life
  • Learn how to your aura, or energetic anatomy, can be used to absorb more prosperity energies
Monday, March 7th
At 7:00 PM UTC-7

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